Preschool – 4K

 Preschool class for 4-year olds (half day: 8:30 to 12:30 & all day: 8:30 to 3:30)
 Low Student/Teacher ratio
 Daily lunch provided
 Weekly Chapel
 Field Trips
 Class parties celebrating holidays and special occasions
 Enrichment Classes:
o Computer, Foreign Language, Library, Physical Education
 Child Care on the premises – All day, before/after school, by the hour

In the four-year preschool the materials, equipment and curriculum are designed to reflect the
developmental level of the child and to foster growth and learning. Children will have the
opportunity to experiment with art materials, participate in cooking, travel on field trips, and
exercise through both outdoor and indoor play. Music, books, stories, puzzles, readiness
activities and dramatic play will be available daily. Pre-reading and pre-writing activities are an
integral part of the program.
The children will be encouraged to be independent with self-help skills such as attending to
bathroom needs, washing hands, placing personal items brought from home each day in the
appropriate place, packing up their own backpack prior to dismissal and putting on socks, shoes,
coats, and sweaters when necessary.
Much of our learning is in the area of social adjustments such as learning to share, playing with
others, cooperating, respecting authority, developing awareness of other’s rights and needs, and
taking care of property.
We plan a classroom climate that reflects God’s love for us. Through role modeling, we help the
children develop Christian attitudes of truth, peace, integrity, and love toward one another. We
want each child to feel secure enough to venture into new friendships and assured enough to take new steps
toward autonomy.

2020-21 WRCS Student Registration Form

2020-214K tuition

Pictures from our classes.