Onsite Study Place ~ OSP

  • Students perform their assigned schoolwork while in our care
  • Room monitor to guide students keeping them on task
  • Brain breaks and recess time
  • Full and part time slots available
  • Canteen for snacks and lunch

Partnering with parents to provide students with a classroom setting where they can engage in the teacher directed online learning.

This service is for school-age children who are enrolled in either the Newport News Public Schools or other local public schools.  In our Onsite Study Place (OSP), students will engage in their online learning assignments while in our care.  Students will be in a classroom setting.  We have mapped out the rooms so that all the desks are six feet or more apart.  There will between 8 to 10 students per room.  A staff member will be in each classroom to keep the students on task, assist with questions and other general duties.  The staff member will help the best they can, but please understand that they are not tutors or licensed teachers.
Each student will need their own device with which to access the Internet.  Every student will also need headphones with a microphone if their device does not have a microphone.  We request that siblings do not share devices.  Other classroom supplies may be needed, we will wait for the schools to provide that information.
Students will be able to purchase snack and lunch items from the Canteen.  Items will either require minimal microwaving such as a single serve mac-n-cheese cup or ready to eat items like lunchables.  A complete list will be made available prior to the beginning of school.  Each child will need a refillable water bottle, as our water fountains are only being used to fill water bottles, no direct drinking from water fountains is permitted.  Break times and recess will be scheduled each day.  Students will also have outside time daily, weather permitting.
As we go forward, we know that there will be more details to work out and we will update everyone as these details solidify. Please contact us with any concerns or questions you may have. We want to make this a positive experience for everyone.
You can download a Warwick River Christian registration form by clicking the button below.  Full and part time is available, but please understand that part time must be the same days each week.  Please complete and return the form as soon as you can to reserve a spot. If part time, please indicate which days your child will attend on the registration form.

Download Registration Form (PDF)