Theatre Arts

Welcome to Warwick River Christian School Theatre Arts

What to expect: 

Grade 6

This curriculum is designed to provide students
with an introduction to the study of acting, dramatic literature, and theatrical
production. Through research, planning, sculpture, and performance experiences
the student will acquire skills in communicating, critical thinking, and
collaborative problem solving.

Grade 7

This curriculum is designed to expand theatrical activities and concepts offered in grade six. The student will continue to develop acting skills while increasing their understanding of theatre performance. This class focuses on expanding experiences and knowledge in theatre history, styles and types of productions. The students will continue to refine the collaborative process while developing more focused critical thinking and communication

Grade 8
This curriculum is designed to extend the techniques and skills introduced in grades six and seven. The grade eight class challenges the student to focus on the art form that is theatre. Students will write critiques, perform,  and explore design concepts found in technical theatre. The critical thinking skills, criticism skills, and collaborative skills necessary to make artistic decisions and complete a finished production will be refined.