Our core values begin at an early age. Pre-School curriculum is designed to reflect God’s love toward us, and the uniqueness of God’s creation in each child. The focus of our program is to provide for the development of the whole child: spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual.

We encourage independent thinking, develop the child’s social and motor skills, pre-reading and writing, art and overall Christian attitudes. We introduce spiritual development via Bible stories, prayer, songs and weekly chapel services.

For 3 year olds, we offer a 2-day, 3-day or 5-day class.  The school day is 8:45-11:30.  For 4 year olds, we offer 3-day & 5-day classes that are half day (8:45-11:30), and a 5-day all day class (8:45-3:10).

Preschool -3 yr olds          Preschool – 4 yr olds

Pictures from Mrs. Miles’ & Mrs. Watrous’ classes.