The five-year kindergarten is a comprehensive program designed to be developmentally appropriate for your child so that he/she may experience a wide range of readiness skills.  It provides activities which enhance the emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth of each special member of our class.  Our curriculum stresses real-life experiences and discovery, rather than drill-type activities.

Our program concentrates on an experiential (hands-on) approach.  Current research indicates that this is the most effective method for teaching young children.  We provide activities that include experiences in language (written and spoken), number concepts, science, and social awareness, as well as music, art, body awareness, and coordination.

Thinking Maps, graphic organizers, are implemented in organizing thoughts, ideas, and materials in all academic areas. Other activities include structured free play in our classroom and playground through use of dress up, games, building blocks, puppetry, and simply our own imaginations.  Cooking, field trips, show and tell, and the home reading program are also important parts of the curriculum.

The kindergarten program carefully attends to the spiritual and emotional development of each child.  Bible stories, memory verses, and Scripture songs are among our daily activities.  A consistent, firm, and loving classroom environment, as well as affirmation of self-esteem and acceptance, are provided for each child’s emotional development. Praise and awareness of God is a vital ingredient of our total curriculum.  Friday chapels in the church auditorium with the grade school students include spirited singing, Bible lessons, and stories by ministers from local churches, administrators, teachers, and other guests.