Elementary School

The Kindergarten program at WRCS is a comprehensive program designed to be developmentally appropriate for your child so that he/she may experience a wide range of readiness skills. We have an experiential (hands on) approach and provide activities  in language, number concepts, science and social awareness, as well as music, art, body awareness and coordination. We seek to stimulate independent thinking in each student while building a solid academic foundation. The Kindergarten program attends to the spiritual and emotional development of each child and instills a love of learning.


Book Buddies Grade 2 & 5 celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday.





Grades 1-5
Beginning in Grade 1, students explore deeper into writing skills, math, social studies and science. 2nd  grade marks the students’ diversification and learning to work independently. Once students reach the 3rd grade, the primary goal is developing a positive attitude toward learning; to be excited about new and unknown things; to be curious and to feel that they can learn and want to learn. The Accelerated Reading Program begins in Grade 3.  Grade 4 students learn to develop their comprehension through reading. The Saxon Math Intermediate 4 provides daily practice in basic computation in addition an enhanced focus on critical thinking and problem solving.  McGraw Hill texts are used for both 4th and 5th Grade Science, exploring weather, earth/space, motion, electricity, living systems and advancing to oceans, sound rocks and advanced living systems in the 5th Grade.  By Grade 5, students have fully indulged in not only Virginia history and development, but in the entire United States, including America’s early explorers and history to the Civil War.

Enrichment programs are introduced beginning in Elementary School.


PE & Music fun!

Foreign Language
A foreign language is taught once a week to all grades. More intensive study is offered to 7th and 8th Grade students.

Computer classes are offered to all grades once a week. Students are exposed to educational programs,  word processing, coding, and 21st century applications.

Art is expressed in a variety of modes in each classroom in addition to a separate class.  Students work with chalks, acrylics, papier-mâché, and more.  Artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh are introduced.
Theatrical Arts: Theatrical Arts at WRCS range from an introduction to the study of acting, dramatic literature, and theatrical 
production to challenging the student to focus on the art form that is theatre. Through research, planning, sculpture, and performance experiences, the student will acquire skills in communicating, critical thinking, design concepts, and collaborative problem solving.

Each class has weekly music sessions, which include learning a variety of songs, different composers, and studying notes and rhythm patterns. Students in Grades 2-5 may elect to join the Children’s Chorus which  performs at Christmas, the spring concert, and compete at Kings Dominion Chorus Festival. String instrument classes are offered by Mr. William Hederer for Grades 3-8. Mr. Wiley teaches Keyboard for Grades 2-8 as well as Band instruction for Grades 3-8, offered through American Independent Music Association.

Students learn library skills and broaden their knowledge and experience through a variety of reading materials. The Accelerated Reader program is used to build comprehension skills and the joy of reading.

Physical Education
The physical education program includes organized activities to help students develop skills important to their physical growth and overall health.