Welcome to Warwick River Christian School’s  Children’s Chorus

All singers are expected to attend; please arrange your schedules accordingly:

All Monday Rehearsals –starting Sept. 17 3:10-4:25
Christmas Concert Performances:   November 29, 7:00
Tuesday, Dec. 6, 7:00
“All School Music Review” and Awards Night:   May TBD

Concert dress for the fall and winter: black on the bottom, white on top, provided chorus vests.
Concert dress for spring: chorus T-shirts on top, khaki bottoms, provided chorus vests.


1. Bring a positive attitude to rehearsal. Our attitude for all rehearsals will be to work toward the “GOALS” of the WRCSCC.

2. Arrive on time for rehearsal; please attend to bathroom and other needs before entering music room.  Rehearsal begins promptly at 3:10; be in your assigned seat at that time.

3. Books, book bags, coats and hats will be left on hooks and shelf just inside the room.  Nothing but your music will be brought with you to your seat.

4. All members will be present at the correct time for all concerts and rehearsals unless excused by Mrs. Field with prior written notification from parents.

5. Unnecessary talking and other distracting behavior during rehearsals will not be tolerated.

A singer unable to fulfill his or her commitment to the chorus and/or to follow the rules of the chorus will have his or her parent notified and will be given a probation period in which to show improvement in attitude.  If no improvement is shown then that singer will be asked to leave the chorus.  Awards will be forfeited by singers unable to fulfill their chorus commitment for the entire year, up to and including final concert.


The most important role of our parents is to provide support and guidance to our singers. This means that parents assure that their singer is at each required chorus activity. When conflicts of schedule arise, the parent will help the singer maintain his or her commitment to the chorus.  Missing a scheduled performance without prior written notification to Mrs. Field is cause for dismissal from the chorus.

Each year we need one or two parents to be “chorus mom” (or dad!). They help with rehearsals, concert preparations, car-pooling arrangements and any phone calling that is necessary. This year’s chorus mom is Betsy Sanchez-thank you for helping!

A snack and drink for each singer will be provided by a chorister’s parent at each rehearsal; a schedule of each parents’ turn will be sent home at the beginning of the year. Please keep close track of when it is your turn-our singers don’t like missing their treats!

Chorus dues are $50.00 for the school year. Dues go toward covering the costs of music, awards and T-shirts.

Questions or Comments

We, the singers, the parents, the director and accompanist will all work together successfully if we follow our rules and stay focused on our goals. From time to time a singer or a parent may have a problem or question-please see me about these. I want to be as available as possible to keep working toward the success of the chorus.

You may contact me through email: or phone: 877-2941, ext. 205