Arts Education

Warwick River Christian School is committed to providing students with a strong education and experience in the fine and performing arts. Through creating vibrant programs in Theatrical Arts, Visual Arts and Music, including Band, Chorus and Strings, students gain both a strong education and appreciation for the Arts. We encourage you to explore the arts and learn the benefits and value each of our programs provides your child.

fine-arts-squareVisual Arts
Art is expressed in a variety of modes in each classroom. Beginning in Kindergarten, students experience art class in a more formal atmosphere led by an Art teacher. In addition to providing an avenue for students to explore their creativity, they are introduced to the basic concepts of design, various media and techniques. The works of artist such as VanGogh, Monet, and Picasso are discussed.

theater-arts-squareTheatre Arts
Theatrical Arts are a wonderful opportunity for our middle school students to explore their creative side, self confidence and talent. Beginning in 6th grade, students are introduced to the study of acting, dramatic literature, and theatrical 
production. Through research, planning, sculpture, and performance experiences 
the student will acquire skills in communicating, critical thinking, and 
collaborative problem solving. As they grow through middle school, students focus on expanding experiences and knowledge in theatre history, styles and 
types of productions. The students will continue to refine the collaborative 
process while developing more focused critical thinking and communication 
skills. By 8th grade, students are challenged to focus on the art form that is theatre. Students will write critiques, perform, and explore design concepts found in technical theatre. The critical thinking skills, criticism skills, and collaborative skills necessary to make artistic decisions and complete a finished production will be refined.

Students have the opportunity to join the Drama Club or Debate Club. We encourage you to meet Mrs. Wilde and explore all that the WRCS Theatrical Arts has to offer.

Warwick River Christian School offers a variety of musical experiences for the students. Beginning in Kindergarten, students learn a variety of songs, are introduced to notes and rhythm patterns and learn about different composers. Classes focus on developing musical ability, enjoying music aesthetically and widening musical horizons. In addition to various musical performances throughout the year, including Holidays and special events, students have the option of expanding their musical talent through joining Band, Chorus or Strings.