7th Grade

7th Grade Curriculum

Seventh Grade Bible is based on the NIV Bible and the textbook, The Story of God and His People: The House of Israel.  Using Old and New Testaments, each student gains understanding of how individual Bible events fit together to create a whole story and how to apply the Bible to their lives.  Bible study includes weekly Scripture memorization.

Prentice-Hall’s Literature and Houghton-Mifflin’s English are the texts for integrated language arts (ILA).  Reading, spelling, vocabulary, word origins, grammar, and writing skills are incorporated into the program.  Thinking Maps,  graphic organizers, are implemented in organizing thoughts, ideas, and materials in all academic areas.  They are basic to forming sentences and writing paragraphs in the writing process program, 6+1Trait Writing.  Students will be expected to do independent reading and participate in the Accelerated Reading program. Assessment will be based on oral and written exercises, homework, quizzes, tests, and projects.

Seventh grade students will study Saxon Math Course 2 or Saxon Algebra 1In Course 2, basic math and pre-algebra skills will be reinforced and expanded.  Skills, concepts, and problem solving develop higher-order thinking skills.  Class attendance and homework are essential, because new concepts are introduced daily.  Progress will be tested every fifth lesson.  Assessment will be based on homework, quizzes, and tests.  Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1 students will be completing Saxon Algebra ½: Incremental Development and then begin Saxon Algebra 1.  Homework and class attendance are essential, because new concepts such as solving two-step equations, calculating ratios and proportions, using the distributive property, and graphing functions are introduced daily.  Students will be tested after every fifth lesson.  These test scores, along with homework, quizzes, and learning logs, will be used to assess student progress.  Since this is a credit course, a required exam will be given at the completion of Algebra 1.

In science we use Prentice-Hall’s Life Science for our main textbook. Seventh graders investigate cells, life processes, ecosystems, biological communities, genetics, and reproduction.  There will be experiments, required research, field trips, and projects.

The social studies class is divided into two sections.  In Government, students focus on the U.S. government, Constitution, and the concept of democracy using Center for Civic Education’s We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution.  Second semester will include the study of Economics, with attention given to practical aspects relevant to teenagers as potential consumers.  The final unit of economics will be an introductory unit on checking and balancing statements/accounts. Assessment will be based on homework, quizzes, tests, and projects.

Students study the first half of Spanish I for high school credit using McDougal Littell’s En Espanol A.  Assessment will be based on daily oral and written work, homework, quizzes, tests, projects, a mid-term exam, and a final exam.  A high school credit may be earned with the successful completion of Spanish 1A (seventh grade) and 1B (eighth grade).