5th Grade

5th Grade Curriculum

Our Bible curriculum theme is “Christ and My Choices,” an overview of the Old Testament presenting Bible characters in chronological order.  Three strands of instruction occur in fifth grade: an overview of the Old Testament; an in-depth study of the lives of various Bible characters presented in chronological order; and choices (whether good or bad) made by these characters which serve as examples for students as they make their own choices.  The materials are woven together to challenge students to examine their own decision making.  Weekly memorization of assigned Bible passages is required, as well as quizzes at the completion of each lesson.

Reading is taught on differentiated levels through center rotations which include small group dedicated teacher time, listening centers, and seat work too. Word Study, fluency exercises, and comprehension are stressed at the teacher table. Graphic organizers are implemented to organize thoughts, ideas, and materials to better understand what is read. Students will be expected to complete independent reading and participate in the Accelerated Reading program. Book reports, in a wide variety of differentiated forms, are required each quarter throughout the year. Spelling will be taught on differentiated levels and includes a wide variety of interesting homework activities related to weekly lists. In English and Writing we continue building upon grammar and writing skills learned in prior grades, and will also utilize the 6+1 Traits of Writing rubrics to learn to self-edit and improve writing.

Saxon Math Intermediate 5 involves more complicated division, fractions, and mental math.  We continue honing speed and accuracy in math facts with daily PowerUps and weekly cumulative tests.

In science we study matter, sound, light, rocks, oceans, cells and animal classification, focusing on the Standards of Learning.  A highlight at the end of the year is incubating and hatching chicken eggs.