4th Grade

Grade Four Curriculum

Bible lessons center on the theme, “Christ and His Word.”  Students begin the year with tools for Bible study and then tackle traditional doctrinal subjects prepared for their grade level.  Topics include God, His Word, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and salvation..  Students not only gain an understanding of these doctrines, but how the doctrine applies to them personally.  For example, God is omniscient — He knows all about me.  What effect does that have on me and my behavior?  This year’s Bible study will be one of the most exciting and profitable experiences your students will have.  Weekly memorization of assigned Bible passages that relate to the Bible lessons is required.

In reading, we study various spelling patterns, main ideas, predicting outcomes, drawing conclusions, making inferences, and extending study skills.  Students will also do independent reading and participate in the Accelerated Reading program.  We learn to express our comprehension in writing.  We work on creative and critical thinking skills. In English we build upon earlier skills in sentence structure, use of adverbs and adjectives, writing friendly letters, and addressing envelopes properly. We study the elements of story writing and compose creative writings.  Thinking Maps, graphic organizers, are implemented in organizing thoughts, ideas, and materials in all academic areas.  They are basic to forming sentences and writing paragraphs in the writing process program, 6+1 Trait Writing..  

The Saxon Math Intermediate 4 program provides daily practice in basic computation and math facts and gives daily practice in previously learned concepts through mental math and word problems.  We calculate the perimeter and area of polygons.  We multiply and divide three-digit by two-digit numbers.  We measure elapsed time.  We name numbers through hundred millions.  Our study of fractions includes naming, comparing, adding, subtracting, changing to equivalent fractions, and working with mixed numbers and improper fractions.

In science McGraw Hill materials are used.  Our studies include weather, earth/space, motion, magnets, and electricity, living systems, plants, and Virginia’s resources.  Our social studies program concentrates on the history, development, and geography of our state of Virginia.  We study the enormous contribution Virginia made to the early development of our nation, as well as resources that make Virginia of continuing importance in the present day.  Our social studies is supplemented by various map reading skills.  Virginia Studies Weekly  is also