2nd Grade

2nd Grade Curriculum

The mark of second grade is diversification and learning to work independently.

Bible lessons are built around the theme, “God’s Way to Live.” Students go through two- and three-week studies of Bible heroes with a focus on character traits and how they apply to students’ lives.  For example, in the study of Moses, students learn about humility, courage, and diligence.  When studying Joshua, students learn about loving God’s Word, obedience, and following God wholeheartedly.  Through the year they study thirty-six character traits from the lives of Bible characters and how to emulate these traits in their daily lives.  They also learn of a mission family in Central America and have numerous opportunities for exciting, challenging daily activities. Weekly Scripture memorization is part of the curriculum, including Psalm 23 and parts of Luke 2.

Reading skills cover things such as main ideas, alphabetizing, sequencing, critical thinking skills, and doing a lot of good old pleasure reading. In Language Arts we learn basic sentence parts, enlarging them, and making them more interesting.  The big task is learning the differences between a noun, verb, and describing word.  Creative writing is interwoven with grammar and punctuation, and we practice writing letters.  Thinking Maps, graphic organizers, are implemented in organizing thoughts, ideas, and materials in all academic areas.  They are basic to forming sentences and writing paragraphs in the writing process program, 6+1 Trait Writing..  Spelling introduces basic phonics and spelling rules, including the exceptions to the rules, e.g. changing the y to i and adding es; and doubling the final consonant before adding ing. The big thrill of the year comes in January, when we begin to learn writing cursive letters.  The students are willing to work hard on this because they have been looking forward to it for so long.

In math we begin to branch out from basic one-digit addition and subtraction to two-digit operations with regrouping.  We discuss the concepts of greater than/less than, money values, and telling time.  Fractions and multiplication are introduced.  Fact sheets and manipulatives reinforce concepts.

Science brings us to studies of ourselves and things around us.  We explore the wonders of God’s creation:  animals, plants, air, weather, magnets, and matter.  We use Scholastic News to extend/enrich our studies.  Social studies units include Native Americans, Ancient Egypt, and China, along with map skills.  We also read and study a weekly newspaper, Studies Weekly,  to learn about people and other places around us.